Try our blocked ear cleaning when you’re experiencing discomfort 

Have you noticed a blockage of ear wax? Is it preventing you from hearing properly? Or maybe you’re experiencing pain and discomfort that you can’t seem to cure? If you have found that the pain is getting worse or that over-the-counter remedies aren’t easing your discomfort, ear irrigation can offer a safe way to remove the build-up of wax in your ear.

When you visit our clinic at Ear to Ear Micro Suction, our ear irrigation treatment will gently remove the ear wax by inserting warm water into the ears.  

Another option we provide is microsuction, which is the most commonly used manual kind of earwax removal by our trained team. We use a microscope and a small catheter tip that is precisely positioned within the ear to suck out the piled-up wax, giving you relief from discomfort. 

After your procedure is complete, you’ll soon discover that your ear feels more comfortable, and your hearing may even improve. Whether you’re based in Northampton, Daventry or Rugby, we welcome you to make an appointment to visit us in our clinic. 

To book your appointment with us, follow the steps on our website or call us on 07840 042456.

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