Ear to Ear Microsuction can help with your hearing needs. Whether it be blocked ears, or you are experiencing discomfort.

If you are coming from Northampton, you’ll find our clinic in Weedon, just off junction 16 of the M1.
We are a  Registered nurse led, ear wax removal service .
The build up of wax, or in some cases  debris, possibly from damaged hearing aids, can give you the feeling of blocked ears.
At Ear to Ear we can use Microsuction or Syringing to clear the ear canal. This can restore lost hearing and relieve pain you may have been experiencing.

When visiting our website you can book an appointment online. If you can’t see anything suitable call the practice on 07840 042456 and we will do our best to accommodate you.  You can also request a call back via the form at the bottom of our website.
We look forward to seeing you. If you need a fast friendly service please get in touch.