Are you struggling with blocked ears in Northampton?

Ear wax is our bodies’ natural way of protecting our ears from bacteria, and its creation is normal. However, over time, wax can accumulate and cause hearing loss and discomfort. Rather than poke around or try over the counter ear drops, we offer a much more simple, effective and comfortable method to remove the wax.

At Ear to Ear Micro Suction we specialise ear irrigation and microsuction in Rugby, Northampton and Daventry

Microsuction– Ear wax removal, also known as ear vacuuming, is the most common manual method of earwax removal used by our team of experts. We utilise a microscope and a tiny catheter tip that is inserted precisely into the ear.

Ear Irrigation– When performed by our experienced healthcare specialists, ear lavage, also known as ear flush, is a safe means of cleansing earwax. Earwax is softly removed from the ears during irrigation with warm water, causing little to no discomfort.

After the treatment, you’ll notice that your ear immediately feels more comfortable, and your hearing may even improve.

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