Are you looking for a CQC registered ear wax specialists?

Ear wax is naturally produced by our bodies to protect our ears against microbe invasion. However, occasionally, wax build-up can cause discomfort and hearing loss. While many people opt for cotton buds or ear drops, these simply serve to exacerbate the issue. Instead, opting for ear syringing can provide a safe technique to remove the wax.

The team at Ear to Ear Micro Suction can offer a simple solution that can ease your discomfort

When you visit our clinic, our nurse will use a microscope to acquire a clear view of your ear canal before using a suction tip to carefully remove any wax build-up. After the procedure is complete, you’ll discover that your ear immediately feels more comfortable, and your hearing might even get better. 

You can make an appointment to come to our clinic, or if you’re housebound or confined to a bed and live within a 10-mile radius, we can come to you.

You can call us at 07840 042456 or use our website to schedule an appointment. You can also find out more about our services, rates, and customer reviews on our website.