Are you considering ear wax irrigation?

The normal creation of ear wax serves as our bodies’ natural defence against microorganisms invading our ears, however sometimes, wax accumulation results in discomfort and hearing loss. Whilst many people turn to ear drops or cotton buds, these will only make the problem worse, so choosing ear syringing can offer a safe way to remove the wax.

At Ear to Ear Micro Suction, we use micro suction to safely and efficiently remove wax build in the ear

When you come to our clinic, our practitioner will use a microscope to get a clear picture of the ear canal, and then a suction tip will be used to gently remove the wax. Upon finishing the treatment, you’ll notice that the ear feels more comfortable right away and your hearing may also be improved. You can either arrange an appointment to visit our clinic, or we can offer home visits for those who are bed bound or house bound and within a 10-mile radius.

On our website you can learn more about our prices, our opening times and you can see us in action in our gallery. To book your appointment with us, follow the steps on our website or call us on 07840 042456.

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